Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fund Manager release coming very soon with enhancements

Fund Manager will be released soon with the following enhancements, bug fixes and feature requests provided by the Fund Manager users:

  • Fund Manager usage and installation is hosted at ""
  • Modified startup system tray message to be more informative. Title:"Fund Manager is running", Message:"Right click here to access menus“.
  • Added tooltip to system tray fund manager icon - "Right click here to access menus."
  • If application could not stream data for any reason, avoid persisting the unchanged object.
  • Remove Settings button from Search Window of Stock Alert, as nothing happens on clicking this button.
  • Add startup help window to Import Bhavcopies and Manage Stock Alert windows.
  • BUG: Adding stock alert for BSE: SATYAMCOMP, fund manager is unable to retrieve values from
  • Hide Stock Id and Alert Id from Manage Stock Alert window.
  • When Fund Manager is streaming stock information from internet, application should display some kind of animation in the system tray icon and also the last updated price/change should be reflected in the Manage Stock Alert window.
  • Application to provide a Settings UI for configuring the application during runtime.
  • Add startup help window to Settings window.
  • Stock search for adding alerts. The searched key word should be searched against scrip code as well as scrip name and company name.
  • Stock search result displayed in Search window should display company name as well.
  • Stock search result table to hide Alert Id column.
  • Since scrip code is used for querying information, it should be allowed to be modified if the present scrip code is unable to fetch data.
  • Add functionality to export and import alerts.
  • BUG: Database lock. Use derby.database.forceDatabaseLock=true to disallow user from using the database from more than one JVMs
  • BUG: ShutdownHook: Implement a shutdown hook, to carryout a clean shutdown of derby when jvm exits.

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